Glosten And ABB Introduced Methanol-Hybrid Tug Design With Carbon-Neutral Operations

Naval architecture firm Glosten and ABB have joined forces to develop a methanol-hybrid ship assist tug design that provides operators with a viable path to carbon-neutral operations while minimizing operating costs.

Referred to as the SA-100, the 100-foot ASD harbor tug is propelled by two methanol- compatible CAT 3512E gensets powering electrically driven L-drives. The gensets are complemented by battery banks for zero-emission operation when transiting, peak shaving during general operation, and as boost for achieving the tug’s peak bollard pull of 90 short tons.

methanol-hybrid tug
The SA-100 methanol-hybrid tug design offers operators a viable path to carbon-neutral operations [Image: Glosten]

The SA-100 was also designed to measure under 100 gross registered tons.

“We had three primary design objectives in developing this tug—all intended to benefit the owner/operator,” said Peter Soles of Glosten, who leads the conceptual development of the firm’s tug designs. “First, to provide assurance of regulatory compliance and future adaptability; second, to achieve meaningful improvement in environmental performance; and lastly, to control OpEx costs such that assist services can still be offered at competitive rates.”

“Every tug operator is trying to determine their company’s path through this new hybrid and electric world. The SA-100 design is the perfect stepping off point for those that cannot leap headlong into all-electric propulsion. With this design, the operator will reap some of the instant power availability and operational savings of an electric vessel, without the need to ‘plug in’ at the dock. At the same time, it will allow them to realize a substantial reduction in EPA criteria emissions,” said Dave Lee, VP of sales with global workboat responsibility at ABB Marine & Ports.

Reference: Marine Log

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