GRSE Lays Keel For Two ASW SWC Vessels That Belong To The Indian Navy

India’s well-known Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers, or the GRSE, reportedly has laid a keel for the Navy’s two antisubmarine warfare shallow watercraft or the ASW SWC.

This again was confirmed on 31 December by India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD). The formal keel laying was conducted in Kolkata at the firm’s shipyard with officials and dignitaries from the Indian Navy and MoD.

The GRSE representatives attended the event, including the chair and managing director (CMD), and the former commodore of the Indian Navy, PR Hari. The keel for two new watercraft, Yards 3033 and 3036, was laid by the defence secretary of India, Giridhar Aramane.

keel laying ceremony of ASW SWC Ships
Photo by the Indian Navy from the keel laying ceremony

In 2019, MoD reportedly contracted two Indian shipbuilding firms to build 16 ASW SWC vessels for the Indian Navy to replace its Abhay-class vessels.

Following this contract, GRSE is reportedly constructing eight ASW SWC vessels, while the remaining eight ASW SWC vessels are being built by the Cochin Shipyard (CSL). Together, eight boats will be boosting the Navy’s antisubmarine warfare talents.

For the first ASW SWC vessel, the keel was being constructed by the GRSE was laid in 2021 (August). In June 2022, the firm applied the keel for the second and third vessels of ASW SWC.

The Indian MoD declared the launch of the Indian Navy’s first-ever ASW SWC vessel, dubbed “Arnala”, by the GRSE on 21 December.

References: Naval News, Naval Technology

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