Guests Hit By A Sudden, Freak Waterfall As Cruise Vessel Steers To Prevent Collision With A Raft

On Tuesday, there was an unforeseen waterfall on Royal Caribbean International’s Harmony of the Seas vessel after the ship resorted to emergency action to prevent a refugee raft, causing one of the swimming pools to overflow badly.

Videos on social media reflect water cascading down the vessel from Deck 15, where the overflow occurred, down to Deck 8, where another pool was located. There aren’t any reports of injuries or significant damages during the incident, after which the cruise liner could continue on its journey.

Harmony of the Seas was reportedly heading toward Cozumel in Mexico following a Monday visit to Royal Caribbean’s private island of CocoCay.

Harmony Of Seas
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Cruise Hive further reported that the crew members had been able to spot a raft as they made their way via the Straits of Florida, and the vessel reportedly turned hard to prevent a collision.
That caused water in a swimming pool on Deck 15 to overflow, falling to Deck 8, to the horror of guests.

Speaking to Newsweek, a spokesperson for the Royal Caribbean mentioned that on 3 January, Harmony of the Seas reportedly saw a raft at sea and then manoeuvred to offer assistance. This manoeuvre caused the water from the pool deck to go over into the vessel’s lower deck unexpectedly.

Per Cruise Hive, the water most probably came from the beach pool of Harmony of the Seas on Deck 15, as the overflow came from the vessel’s starboard side. The publication speculated that some water could have come from the Splashaway Bay attraction on Deck 15.

Cruise Hive mentioned that the ship’s crew members were seen cleaning the spillage and drying the deck to get rid of after-effects right after the incident.

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