HMM Sends Relief Supplies And Containers For Earthquake Victims In Türkiye

HMM announced it would transport relief goods and provide empty containers to support the earthquake victims in Türkiye. Both arrangements proceed at no cost.

HMM started to transport 50TEU of relief goods from Busan, Korea, to Mersin, Türkiye on 3 March, and an additional 20TEU is scheduled to be loaded on 17 March. HMM will offer more humanitarian aid in close cooperation with the Türkiye Embassy in Korea.

HMM also decided to deliver 150 free empty containers to accommodate the earthquake survivors. Those are expected to serve the purpose of temporary shelter for sufferers who lost their homes.

Relief Supplies And Containers

Separately, HMM will carry some of the shipping containers in Qatar, which were used for the temporary residency in World Cup 2022. Qatar government intended to donate the containers after the World Cup. HMM will ship 570 containers from Hamad, Qatar, to Iskenderun, Türkiye, using an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vessel).

Currently, relief supplies such as tents, blankets, food, and other much-needed goods are being placed in the warehouse prepared by the Türkiye Embassy in Korea. However, the delivery of aid to Türkiye is facing a setback with the delay.

An HMM official said, “HMM will carry out humanitarian support in hopes of rapid recovery and rebuilding from the staggering impact of the tragedy and continue to seek what we can afford to do.”

Relief supplies

Meanwhile, HMM has spearheaded an effort to transport relief goods where necessary.

In 2021, HMM assisted medical oxygen supplies to India at merely USD 1, offering empty containers and vessel space as a top priority. Last year, the company collaborated with non-governmental organizations(NGOs) to ship various relief supplies to Jordan and Vietnam.

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