Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group Delivers Offshore “Cargo King” 4 Months Ahead Of Schedule

On December 29 , the 24,000 TEU container ship ” EVER ACME ” built by the company for Evergreen Shipping Co., Ltd. was officially delivered at the Changxing Shipbuilding Base.

On-site representative of Evergreen Group, Liu Xuedong, deputy general manager of Hudong-Zhonghua Changxing Shipbuilding, and Yang Yu, general manager of CSSC Shipbuilding Division 1, signed on behalf of all parties. ABS representatives and other guests attended the delivery ceremony.

 The contracted delivery date of the ” EVER ACME ” ship is in the second quarter of 2023. This delivery is nearly 4 months earlier than the contracted delivery date , and the production and construction cycle has been greatly shortened, which once again proves that the company is a leader in the field of ultra-large container ship construction in China.

 On the basis of summarizing the construction experience of the first two ships, the project team made arrangements in advance in terms of material preparation, process implementation, and production connection.

Credits: Ship Group

The concept of “a ship is faster than one”, through management innovation and process improvement, the construction period of the ship’s wharf has been further shortened, and the construction record has been refreshed again, and excellent results have been achieved in both construction quality and construction speed, which has won high praise from the shipowner. , It fully demonstrates the spirit of the Chinese people in Hudong to strive for the first place bravely.

During the construction of the Evergreen series of ships, the shipowner company and the supervisory office have always firmly worked hand in hand with the company to overcome difficulties, gave the company great support and assistance in project communication, production and construction, and fully cooperated in various tasks.

 As a reward, the company always regards the Evergreen project as a key support project, and concentrates manpower and material resources to give priority to the construction of ships for the Evergreen project.

This year is a year in which the company has deepened cooperation with Evergreen Shipping and has yielded fruitful results. During the year, a total of three 24,000 -TEU container ships were delivered. On December 30 , the ” EVER ACME ” ship will set sail from Shanghai and put into operation.

Reference: Ship Group

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