Hundreds Of Coolers Fell Off A Cargo Vessel And Now Fans Are Finding Them On Shore

Shoppers who are looking to gift a cult-favorite Yeti cooler for Christmas 2022, may consider heading to Alaska.

A huge shipment of Yeti coolers has reportedly been washing up on the coast of Alaska since it fell off of a cargo vessel that was sailing from South Korea to British Columbia, per reports by the Canadian Coast Guard.

After inclement weather struck the vessel during its voyage, about 109 containers flew off of the boat, including some containers that were carrying Yeti materials.

Yetis are not cheap — most sized containers fall in the $200-$500 range with some stainless steel variants that are priced at $900.

Yeti Coolers
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Those finding coolers say that even though the box’s exteriors are weathered, the insides are in “mint condition.”

There were reports of these coolers ending up on the shores of Seattle, Alaska, and beyond late in 2021 when fans posted finds on social media platforms, explained Matt Reintjes, the CEO and President of Yeti, per the Wall Street Journal. The firm estimated that it lost about 1,600 coolers.

Locals have reported that they’ve been scavenging the coast over the last year for more coolers, rarely returning home empty-handed.

The coolers are found where they should be, Oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer mentioned. The Yetis are out there – even now. The coolers are likely to keep circling the world. One is likely to be getting reports of people coming across Yetis for 30 years from now.

Yeti was down over 47% in a one-year period on Monday afternoon.

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