IMCA Launches New Industry Awareness Campaign

IMCA has launched a new industry awareness campaign following the introduction of new rules by the Nautical Institute (NI) which require Dynamic Positioning (DP) Operators to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their careers.

Credit: IMCA

Commenting on the new rules, Captain John Lloyd, Chief Executive at the NI, said: “While our changes are being gradually introduced over the coming years as DP Operators revalidate their certificates, how the new CPD requirements are going to be met will need to be considered by Operators as soon as possible.”

To support the industry in understanding these changes, and what it means in practice for DP Operators, vessel owners and others, IMCA is launching an industry awareness campaign to run over the coming months. This starts with the publication of a set of FAQs, available to all, which outlines the changes in detail.

Richard Purser, Technical Adviser – Marine at IMCA, added: “We’re pleased to share our FAQ document outlining what is now expected of DP Operators and how best to meet the new requirements. Published for free on our website, this is one way IMCA is supporting the industry to understand the new rules from the NI.

“From our reporting on DP incidents at IMCA, we know that human behaviours remain a significant factor, which is why the whole sector should welcome this new requirement and the positive impact it will have on offshore DP vessel operations and safety.”

The IMCA Key DP Personnel App is one means of ensuring CPD requirements are met cost-effectively. An NI accredited CPD scheme, it links directly to users’ profiles in the NI’s Alexis platform, providing ongoing proof of CPD.

Richard added: “One major issue is that all DP Operators, no matter when they are due for revalidation, will need to consider how they can demonstrate CPD from this point onward. Available 24/7, with no need for lengthy offshore training sessions, the IMCA Key DP Personnel App is an easy and cost-effective means of doing so.”

Reference: IMCA

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