Improving Ferry Safety Through Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology has been introduced into IMO’s work to help its Member States to improve domestic ferry safety. During a virtual meeting (13 December) beneficiary Member States Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam were introduced to the technology. The aim is to support administrations in training their personnel using VR technology to enhance the knowledge and skills to ensure domestic passenger ship safety.

Improving Ferry Safety Through Virtual Reality Technology
Credits: IMO

The project was funded by the Republic of Korea and delivered with technical and in-kind contribution by the Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority (KOMSA). Going forward, the existing VR scenarios provided by KOMSA may be expanded, with the possibility of additional scenarios being introduced into the VR equipment to extend the training to cover other types of ships (and countries), subject to further consultations with the Republic of Korea officials responsible for the bilateral IMO-Republic of Korea partnership.

The project builds on IMO’s work on domestic ferry safety in the Asia and Pacific region spanning more than 12 years.

Reference: IMO

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