India: Manned Submersible For 6000 Meter Deep Ocean Mission Will Be Ready By 2026

The Earth Sciences and Science and Technology minister of India, Dr. Jitendra Singh mentioned that the Deep Ocean Mission has specifically been intended for an improved understanding of the deep-sea living as well as non-living resources of the Indian Ocean thereby aiding the efforts on the Blue Economy.

In a reply to a question raised in Rajya Sabha, Dr. Jitendra Singh reportedly mentioned that the Deep Ocean Mission is a multi-ministerial, multidisciplinary program with adequate emphasis on the development of deep-sea technology that covers the development of Manned Submersibles that was rated particularly for 6000-meter water depth with advanced technologies dedicated to deep-sea mining, exploration of deep-sea minerals and marine biodiversity, ocean climate change advisory service offerings, deep-sea surveys and/or exploration, as well as capacity building in the field of Marine Biology.

Credit: @NewsIADN/Twitter

The Minister further added that the design and development of subsystems of Manned Submersibles to carry three individuals had been executed and the integration is in progress.

The design of the mining machine is all set and the demonstration trial has been planned from 2024 to 2026. The activities include the exploration of marine biodiversity, the development of ocean climatic change advisory services, and the acquisition of a multidisciplinary research vessel for deep sea surveys are in progress.

Dr. Jitendra Singh further mentioned that the technologies that were developed under the Mission would help in the exploration of oceans as well as the harnessing of non-living resources, such as energy, freshwater, and strategic minerals.

The advisories likely to be developed under Vertical 2 of the Mission on Sea level, frequency, and intensity of the storms, etc. are going to be useful for economical and societal advantages of the coastal regions of India.

Exploration for strategic minerals like Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, and Manganese is also expected to pave the way for the future commercial exploitation of these resources.

Extensive studies carried out on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion are specifically intended for offshore generation of energy as well as fresh water.

Reference: The Times of India

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