India Successfully Conducts First Test Of Naval Ballistic Missile Defence System

The Indian ambitious ballistic missile defense system secured success with the first-ever flight test of a unique endo-atmospheric and sea-based interceptor missile from a vessel off the Odisha coast.

Naval Ballistic Missile
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The Indian Navy and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on Saturday conducted the maiden trial of a sea-based interceptor missile off the Odisha coast in the Bay of Bengal. Per a statement made by the country’s defense ministry, the trial aimed to neutralize and engage hostile ballistic missile threats, elevating India into the elite club of countries with Naval Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) capabilities.

The statement added that before this, DRDO had been able to successfully demonstrate the land-based BMD system with its power for neutralizing ballistic missile threats emerging from adversaries.

The defense minister of India, Rajnath Singh, congratulated the Indian Navy and DRDO for achieving this. DRDO’s chief, Samir V Kamat, praised the teams that were involved in the development and design of the missile.

Reference: The Times of India, Naval News

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