Indian Navy To Develop Secure Maritime Communications Using Quantum Technologies

The Raman Research Institute (RRI), under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), recently entered into a five-year partnership with the Indian Navy to explore secure naval communications through quantum technologies.

Indian Navy
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The Ministry of Science and Technology communicated that RRI’s Quantum Information and Computing (QuIC) Lab would be building essential quantum distribution techniques for use by the Indian Navy.

Professor Tarun Souradeep, Director of RRI, and Vice-Admiral Sandeep Naithani, Chief of Materiel for the Indian Navy, expressed their pleasure in working together.

Professor Souradeep noted that this project combines fundamental and applied sciences and science and technology for national benefit.

Urbasi Sinha, Group Head of QuIC Lab, highlighted that India could benefit from its scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

The DST proudly announced some accomplishments made by QuIC, such as coming up with a ‘qkdSim’ simulation toolkit, protecting communication platforms, and forming a safe link between two locations using a stationary source and a mobile receiver.

QuIC is India’s first lab to develop applications based on single or entangled photons intended for banking, defence, and cyber security sectors.

Reference: Mint, Swarajya

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