Iran Seizes US Ship Loaded With Weapons In The Persian Gulf

Ahmad Ali Goudarzi, Iran´s Border Guard commander, mentioned on Tuesday that a vessel loaded with US-built weapons, including swords, was reportedly seized in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Gudarzi sent a message to Washington saying that the US terrorist army isn’t authorized to sail freely in these territorial waters while emphasizing that the coastal countries must safeguard such a strategic zone.

Iran Seized Ship
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He recalled how this was not the first time that US-based weapons have been seized and informed that in the last four months, in confrontations with well-armed bandits in the border regions of the nation, more than 3,000 assault rifles, 23 anti-tank guided missiles, and 578,000 rounds of ammunition had been confiscated.

The Iranian Armed Forces are now more vital than ever, monitoring all kinds of potential threats the nation could encounter. He also assured that security reigns in about 8,755 kilometres of the borders.

The Persian government has reportedly warned that securing the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf is its red line, so the Armed Forces keep monitoring movements.

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