Israel Points Finger At Iran For Last Week’s Attack On Tankers In The Arabian Sea

On Sunday, February 19, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed Iran for attacking an oil tanker. The incident happened last week when the Liberian tanker Campo Square came under fire from an airborne object on February 10.

The tanker belongs to the Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer’s company Zodiac Maritime. 

Speaking at the cabinet meeting, the Israeli PM said Iran harmed the freedom of navigation on International waters again last week by attacking an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. 

Israel Accuses Iran Of Attacking Tankers
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The defence and security forces of the region also speculated the same but refused to comment on it officially. 

On February 18, the captain of Campo Square confirmed that their ship was hit while on the Arabian Sea. The ship’s captain confirmed that an airborned object lightly damaged their ship travelling in the Arabian Sea on February 10.

 Over the years, Iran has categorically denied such charges against it. Meanwhile, Ambrey Intelligence, a British maritime security company, revealed that remotely controlled aerial systems attacked a bulk carrier and two tankers in the Arabian Sea, and Iran was behind the mounting of those.

The tankers were owned by Israeli merchants, while the bulk carrier was by Emirati. 

References: Times Of Israel, Reuters, Voa News


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