Israel-UAE Displayed Their First Jointly Developed One-Of-A-Kind Autonomous Ship

In a recent development, Israel and UAE have announced jointly making an uncrewed maritime ship. The new autonomous vessel comes with sonar, sensors and integrated imaging systems and can be operated remotely. 

Exhibited at the NAVDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi recently, the vessel showcased its commercial and military capabilities. It was displayed jointly by Edge, Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The three companies signed a commercial agreement for this nearly a year ago. 

While IAI made the autonomous control system of the ship, ADSB developed the operational concept by combining their experience in designing, production, adaptation and maintenance of commercial vessels, which helped integrate the sensors. 

Because of this, the ship can do a range of military applications, including coastal surveillance, mine detection, anti-submarine warfare, tracking and monitoring vessels on the border, gathering intelligence, detecting submarines and deploying platforms for vertical landing and takeoff.

Unmanned Autonomous Ship
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It can also be used for pollution detection, search and rescue, oil and gas drilling, firefighting, oceanography and other non-military functions. 

Boaz Levy, the IAI President, called this a historical moment where Israel and UAE cooperated to build autonomous systems by incorporating the finest technological acumen of ADSB and EDGE. This will benefit customers worldwide as both companies can take advantage of the opportunities this advanced technology brings.

David Massey, the ADSB CEO, highlighted the system’s cost-effectiveness and how it will reduce risks and protect the harbours while delivering customer-specific products at a faster rate. The company was glad to work with its partners and thinks this is for customers’ benefit both globally and locally. 

References: Times Of Israel, Globes

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