Lomarlabs Collaborates With Seabound On A New Project To Reduce CO2 Emissions

Lomarlabs, Seabound and Lomar Shipping collaborate on a new project to accelerate the decarbonisation of the shipping industry and the evolution of novel maritime technologies.

Credit: Lomarlabs

Lomar’s new subsidiary lomarlabs is excited to announce its collaboration with climate tech start-up Seabound, in a bid to reduce emissions and catalyse new, cost-effective methods to capture CO2 onboard vessels.

Lomarlabs works with ambitious entrepreneurs who bring deep tech solutions to the maritime industry and helps them de-risk their technologies and optimise their business models. This venture is spearheaded by former Lomar Technical Director Stylianos Papageorgiou, who has been appointed its Managing Director.

Seabound has developed a patent-pending compact carbon capture device that can be retrofitted into a ship’s engine exhaust at the funnel. The CO2 chemically reacts with pebbles of quicklime, which then convert into limestone, keeping the CO2 locked in.

The limestone pebbles are temporarily stored onboard before the ship returns to port, without any need for energy-intensive CO2 separation, compression, or liquefaction. The pebbles are safe, inert and non-toxic; abundantly available worldwide and reasonably priced.

Once back in port, the limestone pebbles are offloaded and either sold in pure form or turned back into quicklime and CO2, for the quicklime to be reused onboard another vessel and the CO2 sold for utilization or sequestration.

Preparations to install this equipment onboard the first ship will take place in May and June this year to run the first-ever pilot project throughout this summer.

Reference: Lomarlabs

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