Maersk Magellan Charters Toward New Destination After Not Getting Entry Into Spain

On Thursday, February 16, Maersk revealed that they are scouting for another location to berth their Singapore-flagged tanker Maersk Magellan after being denied entry to the Tarragona port. The vessel was sent back from the Spanish port as it carried Russian oil.

Since the G7 nations imposed sanctions on Russian oil and oil products in December, trading with these products has become problematic. Added to this, the EU imposed strict sanctions against importing Russian oil. 

Maersk said they are taking help from external experts to deal with the situation as per the newly imposed sanctions on Russian oil. This has forced the Danish company to revisit its voyage.

Tanker at sea
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So far, the tanker is moving towards the Kalamata port in Greece. It moved along the Italian coast on Thursday. The Spanish Merchant Fleet has made it clear that, per present regulations, the ship can’t access any EU port.

This is the first vessel which has come under fire after the price cap was introduced on February 5, 2023.The ship’s customer has asked Maersk to sail to a different port and wait for further information about the destination. The vessel is carrying Turkish cargo, as per documentation given to Maersk. 

References: Manifold Times, Reuters

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