Maersk Vessel Loses Almost 90 Containers In North Pacific

The 4,578 TEU container ship named Dyros ended up losing a significant portion of contents in the North Pacific Ocean on 21st March. As the vessel was on its way from Yantian in China, to Seattle in the US, the incident happened.

Nearly a hundred additional containers were impaired while no crew members suffered injuries, a representative from Maersk told PTI. About nine such containers were labelled as dangerous cargo and were reportedly loaded with lithium-ion batteries and packed with the equipment.

The vessel is in a state to continue its voyage and has started heading for the safe port. Maersk is one of the shipping lines that have suspended bookings temporarily to and from Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The firm informed its customers to expect major delays. Countries like Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands are holding back vessels that will be reaching Russia to look for restricted commodities, especially dual-use commodities. More recently, Maersk has declared that it is going to sell off its stake to the Global Ports Group, a terminal operator.

WK Webster, claims consultant, reported that the extent of the loss of cargo overboard and accompanying physical damages to containers that are onboard may not become too clear until the vessel berths. WK Webster is going to make arrangements for confirming the “extent of losses” once the vessel arrives at the designated safe port, expected on Sunday.

Besides, the consultant also expects that there may be recovery issues owing to this accident.


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