Man Spends £17,500 For Ticket On Round-The-World Cruise, Ship Leaves Without Him

After the ship left without him, a man who reportedly spent sizable money on his fantasy cruise was stranded in the Philippines for weeks while undergoing medical examinations.

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For a round-the-world trip that started earlier this year, Christopher Chapel spent about Rs. 17 lakhs. After spending days at sea, he made a brief halt in the Philippines to get checked out after feeling lightheaded and nauseous.

Due to Chapel’s diagnosis of a small case of heatstroke, the test results weren’t particularly concerning. When they were completed, though, his cruise had already left the port in the Philippines.

It was also asserted that his medical condition prevented him from travelling by plane to Manila. He couldn’t be flown the remaining distance, so he had to take a boat.

Even though the doctors who brought him home were doubtful of their necessity and had only given him Diazepam to reduce his anxiety because he was otherwise healthy, they were kind so that I couldn’t criticize them, according to Chapel, who departed for the UK on April 7.

The person who escorted him off the ship said he wasn’t examined. It seems like a ridiculous error. The person who sent him off the ship didn’t even check him out, so they must have known that the hospital checkup would have taken longer than the ship would have been docked.

Why haven’t you given me additional information about the serious medical condition, as P&O keep saying, or been shown their medical report?

Chapel claimed he told the nurses he needed to return to the cruise, but they insisted he undergoes further testing despite his request. He stated that he was then confined to a hospital bed despite having no medical condition, so I should have been permitted to board again.

Reference: NDTV, Times Now

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