Moby Fantasy – The Biggest Passenger Ferry In The World Delivered

The Chinese shipyard named Guangzhou Shipyard has successfully delivered to Moby the new-generation ferry dubbed Moby Fantasy.

Greatest Passenger Ferry
Credit: @CGTN/Twitter

The new flagship of the Moby fleet is going to reach the port of Livorno around mid-May. Besides, the construction of the second ferry commissioned by the firm, Moby Legacy, is also continuing, expected to be done by the end of the summer.

Moby Fantasy, with a Blue Whale painted on the vessel’s side, will set sail from China within the next few days. It is expected to cross two oceans and reach the Mediterranean Sea, where it will start service on the Livorno-Olbia channel.

It measures 237 meters in length and 32 meters in width. It boasts a gross tonnage of about 69,500 tons.

Moby Fantasy happens to be the biggest passenger ferry to be built in the world. It has a capacity of carrying 3,000 passengers as well as 3,850 linear meters of rolling cargo.

Moby Fantasy was reportedly designed per the ultimate standards of sustainability with next-gen equipment and technologies, which aim at protecting the environment and energy and ecological transition to reduce emissions.

This new green flagship is also the first ferry in the world to get EEDI3 certification with savings in terms of emissions of more than 50% compared to conventional ferries that are used on similar lines.

Reference: Italian Post, Italy 24 Press

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