MOL To Develop An Integrated Wind-Hydrogen-Producing Vessel

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), a well-known Japanese shipping major, aims to build Wind Hunter, a vessel that produces hydrogen and boasts multiple stiff sails, in 2024.

The building is a component of the firm’s Wind Hunter initiative, which looks for novel uses for wind energy and hydrogen fuel.

The project has been aiming at creating hydrogen for use in the lower wind stages of the journey with MOL’s collapsible, advanced sail technology that was developed in the Wind Challenger project on vessels capable of capturing power during high-wind phases.

Wind Hunter
Credits: MOL

The 60- to 70-meter-long zero-emission cargo vessel would not need refuelling as it’d sail with hydrogen created onboard and wind-assisted power in case of strong winds.

The electricity produced by underwater turbines that spin in the water would then be used to electrolyze seawater to yield hydrogen. The methylcyclohexane (MCH) liquid form can be cautiously stored and safely transported. It can then be used affordably to store the hydrogen in tanks.

The vessel would use the hydrogen it stored to power a fuel cell that extends electricity and then powers the electric propellers that helped propel the ship forward when the wind was light.

MOL has completed demonstration testing with the help of a boat in Omura Bay. The Wind Hunter assignment’s zero-emission vessel, powered by hydrogen and wind, measured the 15-kilometre area’s three-dimensional, real-time wind conditions while in motion.

References: Energy News

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