Mysterious Russian Ship Trying To Map Dutch Wind Parks Escorted Out Of The Territorial Waters

On Monday, February 20, Dutch Intelligence Services released a report showcasing how a Russian ship was trying to map the country’s North Sea wind parks. According to an intelligence official from the firm, this is hampering the electricity infrastructure of the Netherlands.

The Dutch Navy and the Coast Guard have escorted the ship out of the territorial waters of the Netherlands after the Russian vessel entered the territory some months ago, revealed Jan Swillens, the Dutch Military Intelligence Head.

Russian Ship In Dutch Waters
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He further highlighted how Russia has tried to understand the North Sea energy supply system in the past few months with a disruption intention. So far, they haven’t been able to do so successfully. 

Dutch Intelligence Services Chief Erik Akerboom and the Military Head Jan Swillens made it clear that this was not connected with Russian diplomats’ expulsion from Amsterdam and the closing down of the Russian Trade Mission. 

The report underlined that Russia would remain a threat to the Netherlands irrespective of what happens in Ukraine. The Netherlands is considering that the impact of the Ukrainian war will last long and determine the prosperity and security of the country. 

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