Netherlands Plans 500 MW Wind-To-Hydrogen Offshore Production Plant

The Government of the Netherlands has declared its plans to make use of offshore wind power for a large-scale offshore hydrogen production.

The assignment has about 500MW of electrolysis capacity. It is going to be based to the North of the Wadden Islands wind energy zone and is scheduled to be operating from 2031.

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The zone was chosen as a wind farm was planned there previously. The idea was to produce electricity and reuse an existing natural gas pipeline for transport to land and have it connected to the onshore hydrogen channel.

Ahead of issuing tenders, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is considering a number of critical matters with the Groningen area, parties close to the Wadden Sea Region, and other involved parties.

These also include the pipeline landing to fetch the hydrogen from the wind farm ashore and also how hydrogen production can be safely executed, especially in an ecologically responsible manner.

As a steppingstone to this unique project, work is in progress on a relatively smaller pilot that boasts an electrolysis capacity of about 50-100MW.

This must remove the initial defects associated with the technology so that the assignment of 500MW can be realized effectively.

Rob Jetten, the Minister for Climate and Energy Policy, explained that they are a worldwide leader with such a plan. It is a huge step on top of the aim of 4GW electrolysis (2030), stemming from the recent Climate Agreement.

They have designated the area as a preferred location so preparations can begin quickly, and they can also provide the sector with more clarity so that they can finalize investment plans.

Source: Offshore Wind,, Recharge News

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