New Unmanned Spy Submarine BlueWhale to Strengthen Israel’s Naval Capabilities

Israel Aerospace Industries announced on Thursday that it is developing its first-ever autonomous underwater vehicle, called the BlueWhale. Once complete, it would be able to gather intelligence and detect threats from potential enemies.

The unmanned submarine has conducted thousands of hours of autonomous and submerged operations.

BlueWhale appears to be a commercialised version of the Caesaron autonomous underwater vehicle that was reportedly developed for Israel’s Navy, revealed the Defense Ministry.

Per sources, the submarine utilises radar plus electro-optical systems to find targets at sea and coastal areas.

It has sonar which aids in collecting intelligence data and identifying other manned and unmanned underwater vehicles. It is quite advanced and can find naval mines as well.

The data collected can be sent to the command centre via a satellite channel, making it quick and efficient.

Its electrical power enables it to continue its operations for two to four weeks. It can be conveniently transported in a 40-foot shipping container.

BlueWhale is another vehicle that portrays the advancements in naval defence technologies that would help in protecting offshore assets such as undersea pipelines. Hence, navies around the world are coming up with more efficient, technologically advanced submarines for protecting their interests at sea.

References: The Defense Post, Times of Israel

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