New Zealand Gears Up For Its First-Ever Methanol-Powered Ship

Methanex New Zealand welcomed the Taranaki Sun today, a methanol-powered ship, to Port Taranaki to deliver yet another high-value shipment of methanol destined for Asia.

It’s exciting to see the Taranaki Sun vessel because it represents a significant contribution to New Zealand, economically and environmentally, says the MD of Methanex New Zealand, Dean Richardson.

The Taranaki Sun, and other methanol-powered ships in the Waterfront Shipping fleet, significantly lower the emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and particulate matter while lowering CO₂ emissions.

Methanol-Powered Ship
Credits: MOVE

It’s a proud moment as the contribution of Methanex is making to safeguard the environment, with its methanol observed globally as a cleaner-burning fuel compared to the other alternatives, added Dean.

Methanex, via its wholly owned subsidiary called Waterfront Shipping, has reportedly invested in 11 methanol-powered vessels. This represents about 40% of the global fleet. Waterfront Shipping was recognized recently in the Lloyd’s List Americas Awards 2018 for the Best Fuel Solution investments in sustainable and eco-friendly marine technology.

One of the largest ferry operators in the world, Stena Line, has also adopted the use of methanol as a marine fuel on the ferry named Stena Germanica, operating in the Baltic Sea.
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has reportedly introduced regulations from 2020 requiring ocean-going vessels to use clean-burning fuel. Besides, there is a rapidly evolving market for methanol to replace non-compliant marine fuels.

Made using the clean-burning method, New Zealand-made methanol is now a viable alternative for vessels that operate in coastal waters.

Such a move would contribute to New Zealand’s climate goals and would also offer added energy security for New Zealanders, Dean mentioned after touring the methanol tanker named the Taranaki Sun with officials. At the same time, it was berthed at Port Taranaki.

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