Noble Innovator Offshore Rig, The Largest Ship To Reach Aberdeen

 Aberdeen is now an attractive location for larger vessels from industries, including oil and gas, renewable, decommissioning, cargo, and cruise.

A jack-up rig sporting legs measuring over 200 meters in height as of 11 February, has become the greatest vessel to reach the Port of Aberdeen. 

Port of Aberdeen
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The Noble Innovator offshore rig reached the £400 million Aberdeen South Harbor for a 60 –90 day phase of maintenance by the Noble Corporation. 

As the maintenance activities are completed, it is most likely to strike a contract with bp for decommissioning work in the waters of the central North Sea. 

The maintenance work scope will benefit the economy of Aberdeen and facilitate job creation via a multimillion-pound investment in local contract awards. 

Some selected vendors will now support maintenance activities like diving, welding, scaffolding, inspection, painting, catering, logistics, accommodation, and many more. 

Operations are underway at South Harbor with high utilization of berths and operational quayside zones. 

The construction of South Harbor is scheduled to be executed in Q2 2023, making Aberdeen the biggest berthage port based in Scotland. 

Roddy James, the Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Aberdeen, said that it is exciting to welcome new sizes and types of vessels, be it from cargo, renewable, oil and gas, or cruise. 

The tidally available and deepwater berths of South Harbor, with its extensive lay-down space and heavy-lift capacity, transform Aberdeen into an appealing option for relatively larger vessels.

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