NYK And Group Company To Introduce Integrated Shipping System As A DX Foundation

NYK and NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd., an NYK Group company, will integrate the Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) into their core system and begin operating IMOS as a unified platform for their shipping business.

IMOS, a leading ship-management system provided by Veson Nautical,* is a platform that covers a series of operations related to ship operations, including ship-chartering contracts, ship operations, revenues and expenditures, and fuel management. The new platform can be linked to financial accounting systems and existing systems and is also equipped with a function to automatically calculate CO2 emissions.

NYK will operate IMOS as a unified platform for its shipping business by integrating the individual systems that were previously separated by people in charge and departments.

This system integration and restructuring is a part of a DX initiative that NYK is promoting to create new value by using digital technology and collected data analysis to solve various issues faced by the front line and to standardize and streamline various operations and processes to improve competitiveness.

Furthermore, by combining the vessel and operation database through IMOS, NYK will be able to acquire new knowledge and insights, provide added value to customers, and promote the realization of further DX.

In its medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green,” NYK promotes advanced safety and efficiency through the digitalization of vessels. By steadily strengthening its DX capabilities and applying new technologies, NYK will continue to expand the use of diverse data to strengthen the Group’s ESG competitiveness.
NYK will also work hard to resolve social issues by providing accurate supply chain information to customers and reducing GHG emissions as a whole.

* Veson Nautical
Head Office: Boston, U.S.
Website: https://veson.com/
CEO: John Veson

IMOS Introduction

Credits: NYK Line


Reference: NYK LINE

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