Ocean Cleanup Project Collects 200,000 Kilograms Of Plastic From The Pacific Ocean

The Ocean Cleanup project initiated by Dutch inventor Boyan Slat has achieved a major milestone – 200,000 kilograms of plastic has been extracted from the Pacific Ocean!

Credit: @TheOceanCleanup/Twitter

The organization’s System 002/B managed to collect 6,260 kilograms of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in its first extraction of 2021. Booms hundreds of meters long between California and Hawaii are used by Ocean Cleanup to collect waste.

It is estimated that 1,800 billion pieces of trash, weighing 80 million kilograms, are currently floating in the Pacific Ocean, which covers an area the size of France. It is encouraging to see Slat’s plan to clean up our oceans taking effect since he was a high school student!

Reference: NL Times, Yahoo News

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