Officials From US Navy To Investigate RV Petrel Dry Dock Incident

U.S Navy personnel are currently headed to Scotland to determine what caused the RV Petrel to slip off its supports and tilt 45 degrees in a dry dock, injuring 33 people.

NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center will lead the probe into the incident at the Imperial Dock in Leith, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Dockyard
Credit: Tomahawk/Twitter

Originally built in Norway, Petrel was bought by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen before being purchased by the U.S Navy for $12.4 million last September; commercial shipping aficionados considered this to be a great deal.

The U.K Ministry of Defense has also been quick to acquire a similar vessel due to suspected Russian interference with underwater infrastructure; this ship is meant to act as a ‘mother ship’ for operating remote and autonomous systems that monitor seabeds, which likely means that the Navy’s RV Petrel has similar intentions when it comes to inspecting undersea infrastructure.

Reference: USNI News, Flipboard

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