Oman’s Royal Navy Sinks Decommissioned Ship

The Royal Navy of Oman conducted an operation to sink a vessel after the end of its services to use it for tourism and take advantage of its debris in forming coral reefs.

The sinking procedure comes to use the shipwreck to offer a suitable environment for coral reef formation and marine life proliferation, which is a significant tourist attraction, besides its scientific importance of conducting maritime studies by marine biologists.

The Royal Navy of Oman’s vessel is considered to be one of the fastest vessels, as it served for almost 35 years, during which it accomplished several national duties and tasks. 

Sinking Decommissioned Ship
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The sinking operation was completed successfully per the plan chalked out for that in coordination with relevant civil authorities.

Governor of Musandam Sayyid Ibrahim bin Saeed Al Busaidi reportedly stated that the dumping site had been selected in Musandam Governorate as it is safe from unpredictable sea currents and is a diving site. It, therefore, is also a new tourist attraction and can help boost tourism activities in Musandam Governorate.

Sayyid Ibrahim bin Saeed Al Busaidi reportedly attended the sinking in the presence of the Royal Navy of Oman’s Commander, Saif bin Nasser Al Rahbi, the Rear Admiral, many reputed senior officers and officers who belong to Sultan’s Armed Forces, and specialists associated with the Environment Authority.

References: Muscat Daily, Oman Observer

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