PCG Helps Injured Filipino Crew Member On A UK Ship

The Philippine Coast Guard (better known as the PCG) mentioned on Thursday that it was able to assist an injured Filipino crew member of the UK Motor Tanker.

UK Ship
Credit: PCG

The victim., a 55-year-old person, suffered injuries while working on an international vessel. The details of how Fabon received the injuries have not yet been mentioned by the PCG.

The PCG reportedly conducted an advanced medical evacuation mission to assist a wounded vessel crew who’s employed on a foreign-flagged ship, in the waters off the Parola De Labuan in Zamboanga City, on 3 April, per the PCG.

A separate statement shared by the Coast Guard District Southwestern Mindanao (CDGSWM) suggests that their PCG unit was the one to receive reports of the crew member’s injury.

The Medevac Team managed to reach the Port of Zamboanga City. The Bureau of Quarantine Ambulance successfully took the patient to Brent Hospital for medical attention, and informed the CDGSWM.

Later on, the ship proceeded with operations following the Medevac, per PCG.

Reference: Head Topics, Inquirer

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