Photos: Evergreen’s ‘Ever Forward’ Remains Aground In Chesapeake

There is a future-proof plan to refloat a 1,095-foot Ever Forward that was stranded in the Chesapeake Bay for some days, the vessel’s operator reported on Friday (18th March). Salvor Donjon Smit has spearheaded underwater inspections of the cargo vessel, and a team of rescuers can set the refloating strategy in motion.

Ever Forward
Image Credits: @uscgmidatlantic

However, authorities must first give approval for it, Evergreen mentioned in a statement on Friday.

The strategy revolves around releasing ballast for reducing the load, dredging the bay’s muddy floor around the vessel to make some space between the rudder, propeller, and the seabed, Evergreen informed.

Ever Forward
Image Credits: @uscgmidatlantic

The rescue team is striving to mobilize local tugboats to be part of the rescue mission. Evergreen mentioned that once a sufficient amount of mud is removed and the vessel becomes lighter, the team will try refloating the vessel at high tide, harnessing the power of tugboats and the vessel’s main engine.

The US Coast Guard has been in collaboration with four government agencies. Breanna Centeno, Petty Officer Third Class, informed that such collaboration with governmental agencies is to make sure that the Taiwan-based Ever Forward’s refloating strategy continues to maintain the safety and security of those around and on the vessel, as well as that of the marine environment.

USCG personnel watching evergreen ever forward
Image Credits: USCG

The Ever Forward had set sail for Norfolk, Virginia from the Port of Baltimore when it ran aground. The vessel was operated by Evergreen Marine Corporation. It went aground off the main navigation corridor in the Craighill Channel. However, officials reported no signs of damages, injuries, or pollution.

Ever Forward
Image Credits: @uscgmidatlantic

The Coast Guard informed that officials have not been able to find out what caused the Ever Forward to unexpectedly run aground. It is no longer blocking navigation, unlike Ever Given, its sister vessel, which resulted in global supply-chain issues, when it blocked traffic for almost a week in the Suez Canal nearly a year ago.

Reference: USCG

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