Rescue And Search Mission Launched Following Collision Between A Vessel And Fishing Boat

A major search and rescue operation has been launched after a vessel ran into a collision with a fishing boat off the coast of Jersey.

The incident took place at about 5.30 am on Thursday at the sea in the waters of St Ouen’s Bay.

Jersey Coastguard reported that the vessel, the Commodore Goodwill, reportedly collided with a local fishing boat. It is also understood that the fishing vessel sank later on.

Boat Collision
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A spokesman associated with Jersey Coastguard added that the coastguards called out the RNLI’s all-weather and inshore lifeboats and two France-based rescue helicopters, a France-based naval fixed-wing aircraft, and Guernsey’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat.

Many local fishing vessels have taken part in the mission. The Goodwill has reportedly been docked in Elizabeth Harbour and the Jersey Coastguard is still coordinating the response.

A spokesman for the RNLI mentioned that lifeboat crew members of RNLI from St Helier and St Peter Port were introduced before 6 am on 8 December to respond to the search and rescue operation being conducted off Jersey’s northwest coast.

The inshore and all-weather lifeboat from St Helier and St Peter Port respectively are some of the vessels involved in this search.

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