Rolls-Royce Extends Range Of Stainless Steel Kamewa Waterjets

Rolls-Royce today announced the addition of three larger stainless steel Kamewa waterjets to their product range. The new waterjets are designed for use in bigger (30m+) vessels.

With fewer components, the new range is easier to install reducing the time and specialist skills required to fit them with consequent reductions in vessel build time and cost. The waterjets are supplied with an entire inlet, including main hydraulics, valves and even factory calibrated electronics where necessary. The pump technology uses proven waterjet technology. The whole package is pre-built and tested at the company’s Kokkola factory.


Tommi Viiperi, Rolls-Royce, Sales Manager, said: “We have been supplying integrated skids and hydraulics in our smaller products for some time and have proven that by doing so this allow designers, yards and operators to concentrate on their key areas better, lowering total costs without compromise.”

The three new sizes being introduced are the S71, S80 and S90. This completes the larger steel-series size range.

The Kamewa steel series allows the flexible use of aluminum, steel or composite materials meaning the main range inlet material, shape and pump type can be selected from different alternatives to meet optimal hull installation and super lightweight constructions. Combining composite materials in transom flange and inlet tube provides further benefits by means of weight, cost and corrosion resistance. The use of Marine grade aluminum plate in constructing part of the inlet means it can be easily installed using bolts or welds on any vessel type. Minimized tip clearance and outside thrust bearing allows for maximal efficiency without any compromises, reducing fuel consumption significantly and lowering emissions.

The new product range has a longer mean time between overhauls (MTBO) – 15000h or 5 years – than competing installations, with an option for a further extended warranty period.


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