Royal Caribbean Cuts Steel On Its Second Icon-Class Vessel

While the construction and floating out of Icon of the Seas is sending shockwaves all across the cruise world, Royal Caribbean’s next-in-line Icon Class ship is gearing up behind the scenes.

The steel’s first cut for the new vessel was celebrated at Finland’s Meyer Turku shipyard, with the vessel set to debut in 2025. The new ship is unnamed but expected to receive the name soon.

The steel-cutting ceremony reportedly marks the official production start, beginning the long motion of design and construction, with thousands of architects, designers, naval engineers, and more officially put to work.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
Source: Royal Caribbean

Icon of the Seas is set to start sailing in 2024 (January), and then a further third vessel in the Icon class is slated to begin construction over the next few years.

The vessels aim to kick-start a new era of exciting vacations for the Royal Caribbean, operating with the philosophy of taking the key elements of different types of holidays like resort getaways, theme park adventures, and beach escapes and placing them into the same place.

Icon of the Seas has been able to make an immediate impact, with the declaration of the vessel gathering such hype that Royal Caribbean International had the single highest booking day across its over 50-year history.

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