Russia Increasing Defense In The Northern Fleet With Nuclear-Armed Ships

According to a Norwegian Intelligence report, Russia could soon deploy nuclear-armed ships in the Arctic, a first in three decades. Russia already has anti-satellite weapons, submarines and cyber capabilities that cause unease for NATO and Norway, but nuclear-armed ships are serious operational threats. 

They also highlighted how this localized war could transform into a global conflict involving NATO, USA, Russia and Norway. Russia’s nuclear doctrine isn’t changing much, although they are modernising their nuclear arsenal. 

Nuclear Armed Ships
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So far, Russia has reduced the Russian Armed Forces’ presence in the Kola Peninsula to one-fifth of its pre-invasion might. However, there’s a growing chance of a nuclear deterrent in the Arctic as Russia intensifies war in Ukraine. 

The Northern Fleet increased defence in the Northern Bastion, the Barents Sea and in Kola military bases, said the Norwegian Intelligence Service. They further clarified their assessment, saying that the stress is on surface ships and submarines. 

Many political experts have interpreted this as a warning sign of Russia sending nuclear-armed warships since the cold war.

References: Yahoo News, Politico

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