Russia Starts Using Ship-To-Ship Diesel Transfers For Transatlantic Export Activities

Russia has begun making ship-to-ship (STS) diesel transfers close to ports in Africa as it seeks transatlantic sales, per traders and Refinitiv Eikon data.

Transatlantic Export Activities
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An EU embargo on Russia’s oil products on 5 Feb has enhanced Russia’s diesel exports to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, with STS loadings in the Mediterranean Sea to shorten eastern channels.

In the last month, Russia has sent approximately 1.0 million tons of diesel to African countries, some of which may be re-exported, traders mentioned.

A trader mentioned that some volumes could be resold, blended, or transshipped to lower freight costs on long routes.

Approximately 42,500 tons of diesel loaded onto the cargo vessel dubbed Bourda in the Baltic port of Primorsk toward late February was transferred ship-to-ship close to the port of Lomé based in Togo to the tanker dubbed Marlin Aquamarine, per Refinitiv Eikon’s data.

Right now, Marlin Aquamarine is setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean bound for the port of Pointe-a-Pierre, Tobago, and Trinidad, the southernmost island nation in the Caribbean, per Refinitiv.

Russian diesel supply to Lomé nearly doubled in March to approximately 200,000 tons, Refinitiv data reflected.

Nearly 30,000 tons of Russia’s diesel has been transhipped onto the tanker Savanna close to Nigeria’s port of Lagos, per Refinitiv.

STS transfers close to Lomé and Lagos are typically used for successfully delivering gasoline and diesel, transferring cargoes from large Panamax and Aframax tankers to ships able to enter comparatively smaller harbours.

Reference: The Economic Times, Reuters

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