Russia Tests Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles in the Sea of Japan

The Russian navy tested its supersonic anti-ship missiles at a mock target in the Sea of Japan, per Russia’s defense ministry on Tuesday.

Anti-Ship Missiles
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In the Sea of Japan, missile vessels that belong to the Pacific Fleet reportedly fired Moskit cruise missiles. These were aimed at Russia’s mock enemy sea target, per a statement on its Telegram account.
The target, situated at approximately 100 kilometers, was hit directly by two Moskit cruise missiles.

The P-270 Moskit missile boasting NATO’s reporting title or SS-N-22 Sunburn happens to be a supersonic cruise missile of medium range. It is of Soviet origin and capable of impairing a vessel in a range of up to 120 kms.

The firing of the missiles took place a week after two of Russia’s strategic bomber planes, which can easily carry nuclear weapons, flew over the waters of the Sea of Japan for over seven hours in what Moscow referred to as a “planned flight”.

Reference: Alarabiya News, The Times of India

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