Russia Threatens Of Consequences After Dhaka Denies Entry To Russian Ships

On Tuesday, February 21, Russia lodged their complaint against Bangladesh for sending back its ships. Russia summoned the Bangladesh Ambassador to convey their displeasure at the decision not to allow Russian ships to dock at Bangladeshi ports.

Earlier this month, dozens of Russian vessels were banned from entering Bangladesh as they came under US sanctions. The ships need to follow the restrictions; otherwise, they are embargoed.

Russian Ships Denied Entry To Ports
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Russia has informed Bangladesh’s Ambassador that the decision is not in line with the bilateral relations between the two countries and could affect their prospects of cooperation.

Earlier last month, Russia had sent supply for Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant in an embargoed ship which Dhaka didn’t allow to dock after being informed by the US that the vessel had changed ship number to avoid the sanctions. 

Russia is building this nuclear plant through their organisation Rosatom. It’s likely to be operational by 2024. After this incident, Bangladesh clarified that they wouldn’t allow embargoed ships to dock and asked Russia not to send goods in such vessels. 

References: Reuters, Rising BD

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