Russia Warns It Could Target Supplies Of Western Arms To Ukraine

Russia has declared that its troops could target Western weapon supplies in Ukraine, where Russia’s army kept advancing from late February. He said Moscow had sent warnings regarding the consequences of transferring weapons like anti-tank missile systems, air defense systems, and more to Ukraine.

Ryabkov mentioned that Washington had not considered Moscow’s warnings to be serious. He added that the US and Russia were not holding “negotiation processes” regarding Ukraine.

Putin sent Russia’s troops into Ukraine on 24 February and said he had plans to “de-Nazify” it. Moscow was hit by international sanctions from the time Putin sent his troops.

Russian navy ship

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s President, has repeatedly requested Western nations to send more and more military aid, constantly warning that Russia’s military is not going to stop at the Ukrainian borders if Moscow seizes complete control.

The delivery of Western arms has been key to empowering Ukrainians to fight the invading Russia’s forces far more effectively and fiercely than the US intelligence had even expected.

On Thursday, the US Senate approved $6.5bn for military assistance to Ukraine. For the first time in the history of the EU, it is financing both the purchase and delivery of arms following the leaders agreeing upon transporting weapons worth up to $502 million to Kyiv.

Two days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Berlin said it is going to supply one thousand anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles, in a U-turn from the existing policy of stopping weapon exports to conflict-prone zones.

Similarly, Norway’s government said in late February that it will be donating approximately 2,000 M72 anti-tank weapons. On Saturday, Ukrainian civilian residents and fighters in the capital were preparing for a massive attack as Russian forces who surrounded the city with troops and artillery were only a few kilometers away.

Fighting intensified in the northwest of Kyiv, with the bulk of Russian ground forces 25km from the center of Ukraine’s capital.


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