Russian Navy Vessels Seen Approaching Odessa Coast

Russia has sent amphibious assault vessels to Berdyansk, a Ukrainian port city it has seized control of. Berdyansk is situated near Mariupol that is until now in Ukraine’s control. On 14 March, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, mentioned that the country’s forces may seize control of other cities in Ukraine, long been considered as part of the Kremlin’s tactical strategy.

The arrival of additional Russian troops in Berdyansk took place as Moscow tried strengthening its hold on Mariupol. The city is on the Sea of Azov but continues to be under Ukraine’s control.

On 13 March, Britain’s Ministry of Defense stated that Russia’s naval troops had created a “distant blockade” of the coast of Black Sea. The ministry stressed that warships will continue striking from the sea and could even plan landings.

Per British intelligence, the blockade has cut off Ukraine from global trade, as Russia’s Navy progress with their missile strikes on Ukraine. Per the report, Russia’s soldiers have attempted an amphibious landing off the Sea of Azov coast and could repeat the attempt. Russia’s naval forces are continuing to launch missile strikes against targets all through Ukraine.

At the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US defense officials validated that a Russian amphibious assault comprising naval infantry was moving ashore from the Sea of Azov, in the south of Donetsk Oblast.

Ukraine’s military claimed on 8 March that Vasily Bykov, one of the two Russian vessels that launched an attack on Snake Island last month, had been successfully destroyed near Odesa. Per the authorities, it is one of two vessels from Russia that could be wrecked so far in the war.

In a televised statement, Oleksiy Danilov, Ukraine’s national security advisor had earlier stated that Russia’s paratroopers were all set to attack Odesa, the biggest Black Sea city, but would encounter massive resistance.

He added that the weather compelled them to postpone attacking the city. A video recently posted by the Ukrainian showcases rockets lighting up at night in Odesa. A Russian vessel was destroyed. Even though Russia’s forces have not launched strikes at Odessa, the Ukrainians have already reinforced the city and built their shelters anticipating an invasion.


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