Russian Sailors Rescued By Ukrainian Cargo Ship Crew

The Russian Ocean Way, a trimaran, had embarked on an ambitious journey to sail around the world since July 2021.

After travelling over 13,000 nautical miles and passing 13 different countries on its voyage, the Russian boat was suddenly shipwrecked off the coast of Chile in mid-March.

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With their vessel unable to be repaired, the sailors desperately sent out a distress signal that was soon answered by the Sounion – a cargo vessel whose captain had been forced to flee Mariupol due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, Ukraine’s very own seamen came to save their compatriots in peril by rescuing the crew of the Russian Ocean Way.

After five hours of searching and a few more transferring everyone onto the larger ship due to hazardous waters, they were informed fellow Ukrainians had saved them. The Sounion took the trimaran in tow and brought them back safely.

Source: Meduza, Czechia

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