Russian Vessel Loaded With Fertilizers Detained In Finland

A Russian vessel loaded with a cargo of fertilizers has reportedly been detained in the port of Kotka based on the suspicion of violating the EU sanctions levied on Russia, per reports of Finland’s Yle television channel.

In association with relevant authorities, it was discovered that cargo includes fertilizers possibly belonging to an individual included in the EU’s sanctions list.

Russian Vesssel
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Per EU rules, the assets need to be frozen in case of detection, mentioned Pia Sarivaara, the one who leads the sanctions team at the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

Currently, the vessel is outside the port and is now awaiting permission from the government of Finland to continue the voyage.

Per the official, the vessel will be permitted to depart from the Finnish waters if it is heading to a third nation and its cargo is needed for food production.

The CEO of Kotka port, Kimmo Naski, mentioned that this is the first time ever a cargo vessel has reportedly been detained in ports of Finland on suspicion of violating EU sanctions.

Per unofficial data, there could be up to 20,000 tons of fertilizers on board. The cargo value in the world market could easily range from 10 million to 12 million euros.

Deals to export food from Ukraine were signed last year on July 22 in Istanbul to last 120 days and had been extended for another 120 days in November.

One of the agreements reportedly sets forth a process for exporting grains from the Kyiv-controlled ports of Odesa, Yuzhny, and Chernomorsk. The UN and Russia also concluded a memorandum for the UN to work toward taking off the restrictions placed on the export of Russia’s agricultural products and fertilizers to world markets. Russia has said the memorandum hasn’t been fulfilled.

Last Saturday, amid reports from the parties to the grain deal that it was reportedly allegedly extended for 120 days, Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman told TASS that Russia had reportedly agreed on extending the grain deal for 60 days.

Earlier, following discussions in Geneva, Sergey Vershinin, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister observed that time would be sufficient for an objective assessment of how the UN implements assurances to make sure the unblocking of exports of Russia’s fertilizers and other agricultural products to the world market.

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