Samsung Heavy Develops Korea’s First Carbon Capture Technology Onboard LNG Vessels

Samsung Heavy Industries and Panasia, a domestic eco-friendly facility company, succeeded in developing a ‘carbon capture system’ onboard, applicable to LNG-fueled ships, and became the first in Korea to receive approval in principle from KR, a Korean classification society.

This certification technology is an eco-friendly technology that uses an amine-based liquid absorbent to separate and recover carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas of LNG that is burned in a ship engine or generator.

Although LNG fuel is currently in the spotlight as an eco-friendly fuel in the shipbuilding and shipping industry, Samsung Heavy Industries and Panasia recognized the need for additional carbon reduction technology to achieve carbon neutrality in the mid-to-long term, and have been conducting joint development since 2020.

Classification ceremony for ship carbon capture technology Center) Daeheon Kim, Head of Research Division at KR
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Samsung Heavy Industries plans to commercialize a carbon capture technology optimized for LNG-powered ships by 2024 by continuing research to improve carbon capture performance and technology reliability.

Samsung Heavy Industries is conducting a technology performance test in Jinhae, South Gyeongsang Province, through a carbon capture demonstration facility built by Panasia. Last year, it provided OASE® blue service with BASF, the world’s largest general chemical company. We are expanding business cooperation to secure eco-friendly technologies, such as signing contracts.

Park Geon-il, head of Samsung Heavy Industries’ eco-friendly research centre, said, “The combination of LNG propulsion technology and carbon capture technology is expected to become a realistic eco-friendly solution to the IMO’s carbon emission regulations that will be strengthened in stages by 2050.” , and will continue to drive demand for LNG vessels,” he added.


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