Seafarer Dies On Cargo Ship In Vietnam Due To Gas Poisoning

Thanh Hoa Province’s Border Guard Command mentioned on Tuesday that it is collaborating with relevant agencies to examine the case wherein three crew of VIGOR SW, which had been docked at the Nghi Son International Port in the province, had been hospitalized at Hop Luc International General Hospital, following an accident on Sunday.

Vietnam Port
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As the boat paused to let crew members unload goods at the port, the ship’s captain discovered that three Chinese individuals, Li Wen Liang, 33, Zhuang Lijn, 52, and Kong Deshan, 23, were unconscious. The three were rushed to a local hospital, but one was declared dead.

Another is in a deep coma, while the remaining victim has severely broken ribs.

Dr Duong Tat Linh, Hop Luc International General Hospital’s director, the one where they are currently being treated, said that it might be possible that these crew members suffered from hydrogen sulfide (H2S) poisoning.

Hydrogen sulfide is often generated via the microbial breakdown of organic matter due to a lack of oxygen, like in swamps, sewers, or a vessel’s cargo compartment.

Reference: Vietnam Insider, VnExpress

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