Shell Introduces First-Ever Electric Ferry At Its Singapore Plant

Shell, on Monday, unveiled the first-ever electric ferry globally at the Singapore refinery and pledged to collaborate with the city-state’s relevant port authority to cut emissions from vessels.

Electric Ferry
Credit: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore – MPA

The move marks an essential step toward the Singapore port authority’s rule for new harbor craft functioning in the waters to be electric or run on net-zero fuels or biofuels from 2030.

Shell Eastern Trading has agreed to collaborate with relevant port authorities to build charging infrastructure dedicated to electric harbor craft and focus on research and development activities for zero and low-carbon fuels over a period of five years, Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) mentioned.

On Monday, the oil giant introduced the first of a set of 200-seater unique electric commuter ferries at the refinery-petrochemical complex based in Pulau Bukom. It plans to have two more running by August, partially replacing diesel-powered ferries now in use.

The firm also plans on running a trial for the hydrogen fuel cell on a Shell-chartered vessel later in 2023, Nick Potter, a general manager associated with Shell Shipping and Maritime, mentioned in a statement.

Reference: Reuters, News18

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