Shipping Suspended In The Bosphorus Strait After Panama-flagged Vessel Unexpectedly Broke Down

Traffic in the Bosphorus Strait was temporarily suspended owing to the breakdown of a dry cargo vessel that had set sail for Russia, the Turkish Coast Guard reported.

Vessel traffic was suspended in the Bosphorus Strait owing to a cargo ship breakdown, as informed on 28 September.

Tugboats KURTARMA 8-9-10 and cutter KEGM-3 had also been dispatched immediately to the scene, to the 190m-long VIVA ECLIPSE, a dry cargo vessel, the rudder of which was blocked in front of Uskudar as it was sailing to Russia, the report mentioned.

The traffic via the strait was suspended temporarily.

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The Panama-flagged vessel named the ‘Viva Eclipse’, whose rudder had been locked gradually drifted in the Bosphorus. Specialists affiliated with the General Directorate of Coastal Safety had been dispatched to the scene.

Efforts to rescue the vessel that was anchored near the shore continue.

The Bosphorus Strait is a natural channel and a significant international waterway in northwestern Turkey.

It forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia and divides Turkey by separating Thrace from Anatolia.

The news came through after shipping activities in the Turkey-Ukraine Bosphorus Strait were reportedly suspended owing to an “emergency”.

On Thursday, 1 September, the Turkish Coast Guard declared that the navigation of vessels via the Bosphorus Strait was suspended owing to an emergency that involved one more Panama-flagged ship.

Per the governor’s office, the Panama-flagged vessel named the Lady Zehma was also heading to Istanbul from Ukraine as she ran aground around 6 pm GMT.

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