Shreyas Shipping Purchases 3 Container Ships In The Same Week

Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Ltd, a long-established subsidiary of the Transworld Group of Companies with nearly 50 years of experience, recently made headlines when it acquired three container ships in the same week. This quick move reflects their desire to broaden their global reach while providing superior services to their clients.

Transworld Group
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The SSL Godavari, SSL Kaveri, and SSL Thamirabarani have a total capacity of 26,085 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) and two dry bulk carriers with a combined capacity of 69,000 DWT.

With this acquisition, Shreyas Shipping will be able to meet the rising demand for marine services along India’s coastline. The company already has a strong presence in this market, with operations on both coasts of India and in several other neighbouring countries.

“We are delighted to have acquired these three vessels, which will further strengthen our position as one of the leading companies in India’s shipping and logistics industry,” said Transworld Group Chairman Ramesh S. Ramakrishnan.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone for Transworld Group, demonstrating the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the shipping and logistics industry. In an ever-changing environment, their ambition, guidance, and cutting-edge solutions will keep them ahead.

Transworld Group has committed to providing dependable and timely maritime solutions in order to remain competitive and provide exceptional service to all of its clients.

Reference: Marine Link, India Shipping News

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