Singapore-Registered Ship Hijacked By Pirates Found, All Crew Members Safe

On Saturday (April 15th), the Ivorian military stated that the kidnapped Singapore-registered oil tanker had been successfully recovered and transferred to Abidjan port in the Ivory Coast.

Ship Discovered
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The Singapore port authority reported on Tuesday that the ship, which had a crew of 20 people of various nationalities, was boarded by unidentified individuals 300 nautical miles (555 kilometres) away from Ivory Coast.

Lassina Doumbia, Chief of Staff of the Ivorian Armed Forces, stated that the vessel was discovered on Saturday with all crew members in good health.

According to UN statistics, piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has decreased dramatically since early 2021 as a result of tougher security measures implemented by national authorities with the assistance of foreign naval warships.

Reference: Bloomberg, Asia One

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