Sinking Philippine Fuel Tanker Sparks A Diesel Spill

A Philippine fuel tanker sank partially in the nation’s waters on 28 February, authorities mentioned, as they tried containing a diesel spill that reportedly stretched for several kilometers.

The Princess Empress had been loaded with about 800,000 liters of industrial fuel oil from the Bataan province, close to the capital Manila, to the province of Iloilo when the engine became overheated, the Philippine Coast Guard mentioned.

Diesel Spill
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An initial examination reflected that the vessel drifted toward waters off the Balingawan Point on Mindoro Island owing to poor sea conditions until it got half-submerged.

The coast guard mentioned that it was monitoring a diesel fuel spill, which had been fueling the vessel but had not found in the sea industrial fuel oil from the cargo.

One more vessel was able to rescue 20 crew members who were on board. The coast guard mentioned that they were in stable physical condition.

The coast guard observed that the spill found near the stricken vessel measured about 5km in length and 500m in width. An oil spill boom would reportedly be installed to control this spillage.

References: Vietnam Plus, Benar News

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