State-of-the-Art Trawler Design From Ulstein Reaches New Milestone

This state-of-the-art design from Ulstein Design & Solutions AS has been awarded the Innovation Award 2022. A very fuel-efficient propulsion system and a revolutionary solution for taking fish on board are two of the innovations.

Bluewild Trawler
Credit: Ulstein

The new trawler has an efficient hybrid system with two propellers, combining batteries with diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical propulsion. Through analyses and tank tests, it is expected that this hybrid system, together with the other energy-saving measures on board, will provide at least a 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, compared to a corresponding modern trawler that operates this type of combination fishing. In some operations, the savings can exceed 40 per cent.

The vessel’s new trawl handling system, a part of the ECOFIVE solution, leads the fish into a water-filled catch reception in the vessel below the waterline. The catch does not leave the water and is thus not exposed to the same physical stress as when hauling the trawl bag onto the deck above the trawl slip before emptying it into the receiving bins.

The vessel will be finalized at Westcon Yards in Ølen, Norway.

Reference: Ulstein

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